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The Course

If you have recently been diagnosed as autistic or suspect you may fall somewhere on the spectrum, this course offers a thorough explanation of the autistic mind, body and spirit that is deeply supportive. Instead of approaching the subject from an overly medicalized, pathologized standpoint, this course was written from the perspective of a late-diagnosed autistic woman who has spent the last 3 years immersed in researching this beautiful - but misunderstood - neurotype.

Here you will find insight and explanations into everything you could possibly want to know about autism:

  • the history of autism
  • a 165-point autism traits list
  • how our brains work
  • what it's like having a highly sensitive nervous system
  • why self-diagnosis is valid
  • impact of late diagnosis on mental health, physical health, employment and relationships
  • navigating autistic burnout
  • overcoming internalized ableism
  • what is autistic masking
  • unmasking tips
  • dealing with post-diagnosis emotions and identity crises
  • how to advocate for yourself and have your needs met
  • soothing sensory issues
  • emotional regulation tips
  • how to build a sensory cave
  • finding autistic joy

...and SO much more.

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What you will learn

My aim with this course is to supply you with all of the information you could ever need or want about your beautiful brain, so that you can love yourself exactly as you are - no ifs, ands or buts. Knowledge is power, and so is dispelling misinformation. We need to gently undo some internal narratives in order to make room for new ones. And we certainly focus on finding autistic joy so that we can feel fully embraced in this identity, and hopefully overcome some of the pain this life has caused us.

1% of sales of this course will be donated to PCRF - Palestine Children's Relief Fund.

Full Curriculum Preview - 56 Modules

  Intro To This Course
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  Autism 101
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  Understanding Late Diagnosis
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  Identity Crisis and Coming Out
Available in days
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  Unmasking Journey
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  Understanding Your Beautiful Autistic Brain
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  Finding Autistic Joy
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Your instructor

Devany Amber Wolfe is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and autistic educator. She has published numerous bestselling tarot and oracle decks that InStyle magazine has called, "The most hyped tarot cards worldwide."

Devany's successful art career was derailed by a massive burnout and health crisis that resulted in a late autism diagnosis at age 37. Since then she has dedicated her life and career to researching this neurotype and offering peer-to-peer support through her writing, podcast, ebooks and social media platforms.

She has helped thousands people realize their own neurodivergence and assisted them in navigating their novel (but lifelong) autistic identities.